Laphroaig 17 BOS 1990

Laphroaig 17 BOS 1990


Berry's Own Selection by Douglas McIvor.
Distilled: 1990.
Bottled: 2008.
Casktype: Refill bourbon.
Casknumber: 2248.

Product Description

Tasting Note:

Colour: white wine.
Nose: Smoke galore!
With water: water didn’t work too well here but it’s still alive. Fresh almonds again.
Mouth (neat): it’s a peat blast. Not quite like eating an ashtray but… Also liquorice roots and gentian spirit. Very good.
With water: even more punch, even when watered down to roughly 45%.
Finish: long, salty
Comments: ‘liquid smoke’. Extreme but very likeable.