Sam Barton

Sam Barton


Blend of rye, corn, wheat and malted barley.

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Product Description

SAM BARTON is an authentic Canadian Whisky made from a selection of the best corn, rye, wheat and malted barley. The proportions of these cereals are set down in a unique recipe that is carefully guarded by SAM BARTON’s Master Blenders. Although the legislation requires minimum ageing of two years, SAM BARTON is aged for over five years in white oak casks in Canada and checked by government inspectors.

Its Canadian rye content gives it a unique and distinctive flavour, a light body and characteristic notes of plants and herbs. Its long ageing gives it a remarkable mellowness and unique finesse of aroma.

Producer La Martiniquaise is an independent French group founded in 1934, the second-largest spirits group in France behind Pernod-Ricard and features in the world top 10, with a large portfolio of international brands. Like Scottish single malt whisky Glen Moray. And blended Scotch whisky’s Label 5 (nr 9 Scotch brand worldwide) and Glen Turner, both huge in France.