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Amer is bitter in het Frans, Gaeton Picon bedacht het drankje al in 1830, op basis van sinaasappels verrijkt met alcohol en kruiden, Vol% Alc: 18.
Picon wordt geserveerd met ijsblokjes, maar ook heel trendy: mix het met je Wieckse Witte bier.

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Product Description

Whatever Happened to Amer Picon?
If you’re a casual drinker, you’ve probably never even heard of Amer Picon — which is probably a good thing, since the original Amer Picon is not available anymore, and thus you don’t know what you’re missing. But if you’re an experienced imbiber, bartender or Basque, you probably know Amer Picon. And to know it is to miss it, since it’s all but impossible to acquire.

Amer Picon is a bitter-sweet French aperitif. (“Amer” is the French version of the Italian “Amaro,” which translates as “bitter.”) It is sometime drank before a meal to stimulate the appetitite, but more often it’s mixed in cocktails, most notably the Picon Punch (the “National Drink of the Basques”) and the Brooklyn Cocktail.

Amer Picon was invented by a Frenchman named Gaétan Picon in 1837, and produced by the company he started, the House of Picon. The aperitif starts with dried orange peels that are macerated (soaked) in alcohol and then distilled. (This basically creates a flavored vodka.) The distillate is then infused with gentian root and quinquina (to add bitterness), and topped off with sugar (for sweetness) and caramel (for coloring).

The Picon brand was purchased by one of the predecessor companies of the British drinks conglomerate Diageo years ago. It is no longer produced in its original form, although three replacements — Amer Picon Club, Amer Picon Biere and Amer Picon Citron— are supposedly available in France.

To deepen the pain even further, the recipe of Amer Picon was changed sometime in the 1970′s, and its proof was lowered steadily from 26 to 21 to 18, cutting its alcohol content by over half. (The original version made by Gaétan Picon was much stronger, coming in at 39% ABV) even if you can find a bottle from the last 30 years, it won’t be the good stuff.