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Marie Brizard


De subtiele, unieke aromatische smaak van Anisette Marie Brizard uit Bordeaux, met zijn onvergelijkbare kracht en magie zijn het perfecte compliment voor ijsblokjes sinds Madame Marie Brizard en haar neefje Jean-Baptiste Roger het in 1755 voor het eerst maakten.

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Product Description

Anisette Marie Brizard is made using a unique and unchanged secret recipe, consisting of a subtle combination of eleven plants and spices intensifying all the freshness of green anise from the Mediterranean. Elegant, fresh and powerful, Anisette combines nobility with charm.


Appearance: Liquid, crystal-clear

Nose: Characteristic of green anise.

Mouth: Sweet, slightly acid, characteristic of green anise.

A unique production site in Bordeaux
In keeping with ancestral know-how, Marie Brizard imagines and develops its liqueurs at a unique production site with a prestigious heritage, a building dating from 1874 that is emblematic of a daring, innovative period.
Since the creation of its Anisette in 1755, Marie Brizard has never stopped perfecting its know-how in the complex process of distilling, to become one of the most highly reputed liqueur makers in the world.
To create varied, intense flavors, Marie Brizard uses a rigorous selection of more than 800 natural ingredients (spices, fruits, plants, etc.) and subtle combinations of the flavors that are extracted from them.
Research and development of new liqueurs play an integral role in the process of developing liqueurs. The Marie Brizard house’s know-how is the source of its constantly renewed creativity and innovation.
After the various development phases, the liqueurs are produced and bottled at the same site in Bordeaux before being shipped around the world.