BREAD & BUTTER: French baguettes, white as well as whole-wheat, served with garlic herb butter   € 3,50

OLIVES: The green ones, home marinated in extra virgin olive oil with garlic, onions and herbs   € 3,50

PHEASANT PATÉ: filled with sowbelly and prunes, cured ham wrapped, with cranberry marmalade   € 10,95

SALAD VAL-DIEU: mixed salad with a whole white crust cheese from the oven, pear and walnuts   € 12,95

CARPACCIO OF ROE DEER: thin slices on truffle oil, salad, baked mushrooms and Old A’dam cheese   € 12,95

BLACK PUDDING: baked with cinnamon apples, served with extra toast and homemade apple sirup   € 9,95

SHRIMPS: in cream sauce with garlic, tarragon and Caol Ila peated whisky, gratinated with cheese   € 11,95

WILD SCOTTISH SALMON: with a small salad and a spray of Talisker 10 Scotch   50 grams: € 8,95 / 100 grams € 13,95


VEGGIE SOUP: from oven roasted and mashed carrots, ginger and garlic, served with frozen coconut   € 5,95

COCK-A-LEEKIE: Scotland’s National Soup with chicken, leek, pearl barley and prunes soaked in whisky   € 5,95

MUSHROOM SOUP: our famous creamy venison soup, richly filled with fresh forest mushrooms   € 5,95

FRENCH ONION SOUP: Minute made and served in a pan with bread and plenty gratinated cheese   € 5,95



SATÉ: Giant skewer with pork tenderloin medallions, served with peanut butter sauce   € 18,95

SOUR MEAT: Traditional regional stew from sour marinated beef with sweet gingerbread   € 16,95

BLACK ANGUS STEAK: American beef from The Big Green Egg BBQ with creamy green pepper sauce   € 22,95

FILET MIGNON: Dutch tenderloin beef from The Big Green Egg BBQ with gravy, bacon and onions,
complete with a real doctor’s syringe filled with Jack Daniel’s Nr. 7 whiskey to inject the beef yourself   € 26,95


MEGA VEGA SURPRISE: Four regularly changing varied small vegetarian dishes, all homemade   € 16,95


SLIP SOLE: baked in butter, served pure nature with just lemon and parsley   2: € 16,95   3: € 20,95   4: € 23,95

SEA STEW: abundantly filled with fish and seafood in a mustard cream sauce with provencal herbs   € 20,95

SALMON: Norwegian loin fillet with a creamy spinach sauce and bountiful delicate crayfish tails   € 22,95

GAMBAS: Big prawns with a sauce of bell peppers, ginger, honey, garlic and lemon, aïoli on the side   € 22,95


COFFEE PRETZELS: A cup of illy coffee with a small chocolate icecream and a dash Liqueur Marakesh   € 4,95

CHEESE PLATTER: 3 omnifarious cheeses (just ask what today’s cheeses are) served with nut bread   € 7,95

BELGIAN WAFFLE: from Liège with warm cherries in sauce, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream   € 6,95

3 X ICE CREAM: Caramel, Apple Pie and Spiced Bisquit, caramel sauce, pretzels and whipped cream   € 6,95

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE: The best in town, with whipped cream 5,95 – With a scoop of Vanilla icecream   € 7,50

STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING: With a pipette Dalwhinnie single malt whisky € 5,95 – with a scoop of Vanilla icecream   € 7,50