BREAD & BUTTER: French baguettes, white as well as whole-wheat, served with garlic herb butter   € 3,50

OLIVES: The green ones, home marinated in extra virgin olive oil with garlic, onions and herbs   € 3,50

GOAT CHEESE SALAD: Mixed salad with with goat cheese in a fillo dough bag, dressed with honey   € 10,95

SCOTTISH SALMON SALAD: with a spray of Talisker 10 year old whisky   50 gram: € 8,95 / 100 gram: € 13,95

VITELLO TONNATO: Cold, sliced veal covered with tuna mayonnaise, capers and a salad garniture   € 11,95

CARPACCIO: Thin raw slices of tenderloin with truffle mayonnaise, Parma cheese & salad garniture   € 11,95

GAMBAS PIL PIL: Hot shrimps, served sizzling in a typical Spanish pan with chili peppers and garlic   € 10,95


GOATS CHEESE SOUP: Homemade soup with puffed bell peppers, basil and French goat cheese   € 5,95

LIMBURG MUSTARD SOUP: Homemade cream soup with Limburg mustard and Limburg diced bacon   € 5,95

TOM KHA GOONG: Thai coconut soup with peppers, herbs and ginger, well stocked with shrimps   € 5,95

FRENCH ONION SOUP: Minute made and served in a pan with bread and plenty gratinated cheese   € 5,95


– A big plate with all kinds of small snacks, not only from Spain but from all over the world, served on the middle of your table as an appetizer for two or more guests, everybody picks what he likes   best   p.p. € 9,95
– The tapas are also served as a main course just for one person   € 19,90


LAMB SHANK: Oven prepared, served with a sauce of Scotch whisky, tomatoes, mustard & rosemary   € 19,95

LAMB RACK: Around 8 Chilean ribs in one piece out of the oven with a sauce of honey and thyme   € 25,95

VEAL ENTRECÔTE: Sirloin steak of Dutch rose veal served with a red wine sauce with shallots   € 22,95

SATÉ: Giant skewer with pork tenderloin medallions, served with peanut butter sauce   € 18,95

SOUR MEAT: Traditional regional stew from sour marinated beef with sweet gingerbread   € 16,95

BLACK ANGUS STEAK: American beef from The Big Green Egg BBQ with creamy green pepper sauce   € 22,95

FILET MIGNON: Dutch tenderloin beef from The Big Green Egg BBQ with gravy, bacon and onions, complete with a real doctor’s syringe filled with Jack Daniel’s whiskey to inject the beef yourself   € 26,95


MEGA VEGA SURPRISE: 3 or 4 regularly changing varied small vegetarian dishes, all homemade   € 16,95


SLIP SOLE: baked in butter, served pure nature with just lemon and parsley   2: € 16,95   3: € 20,95   4: € 23,95

ALFONSINO: Imperador, with a spicy sauce with puffed tomatoes, rocket pesto and Mozzarella   € 20,95

DORADE ROYALE: Whole Sea Bream, stuffed with lemon, orange and dill, crème fraîche on the side   € 19,95

GAMBAS: Big prawns with a sauce of bell peppers, ginger, honey, garlic and lemon, aïoli on the side   € 22,95


COFFEE PRETZELS: A cup of illy coffee with a small chocolate icecream and a dash Liqueur Marakesh   € 4,95

RASPBERRY BERET: Raspberry biscuits with raspberry sorbet, fresh raspberries and whipped cream   € 6,95

PARFAIT: French still-freezing strawberry ice cream, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream   € 5,95

SEMIFREDDO: Italian half-frozen creamy orange dessert with Isle of Jura 10 y.o. whisky and meringue   € 6,95

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE: The best, with whipped cream 5,95 – With a scoop of Vanilla icecream   € 7,50

STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING: With a pipette Dalwhinnie single malt whisky € 5,95 – with scoop icecream   € 7,50